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The Office for the Future understands that sensemaking is essential for a new future. We have the science and technological capacity to feed and empower every human being and at the same time we stand poised between a level of suffering, catastrophic and existential risk that’s unimaginable.

All the core forms of existential risk we face are global challenges. Global challenges require global solutions.  Global solutions cannot be imagined or realized without social cooperation at a global level – global coherence. The political and social polarization of society blocks coherence and therefore cooperation. Social cooperation and global coherence can only be realized by overcoming the extreme polarities that are at the heart of our global intimacy disorder. This can only be done by articulating a shared global story of value, in which the values of all sectors of society have a seat at the table as part of the larger human value proposition.

Our specialized leadership training is specifically designed to articulate a shared story that generates global coherence. At core of this new story, we need new first principles and first values which forms the basis of a new global ethos for a global civilization.

We’ve come together at the Office for the Future to articulate new first principles and new first values to help companies, governments, NGO’s, civic and spiritual communities and other structure activate these first values and first principles in their core DNA. The result will be a local coherence within your organization which will in turn participate in generating the global coherence and cooperation necessary for the emergence of the next stage of humanity.  

To participate in implementing the New story, based on the shared First Principles and Frist Values that form the basis of a shared human story, please contact us. Participate in our First Principles and First Values training and implement this new story in the source code of your company, organization, government office or community.

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